Thursday, August 30, 2012

Trivial Things

I'm currently working, but I'm waiting for an install to finish.  In the mean time...

I feel like writing about the trivial things I've done today, am going to do today, and have planned to do over the weekend.

I woke up at 830 in a panic thinking I was late for my one-one-one meeting with my coach.  Turns out, after 15 minutes of waiting for my laptop to boot up and load Windows, the meeting was at 930.  *whew.  Gotta love thinking you slept through something.  I've had dreams where I slept through every class at school and made it for the final, and I had no idea what the class was even about.  Terrible feeling, that.  Thank goodness I wake up and remember I haven't been in school for seven years.

I also retrieved my Night Guard today.  Thank God!  It fits perfectly - so perfectly, I could use it as a retainer.  Per my buddy Alan's advice, I'll wear it during the day today to get used to it so I don't have a hard time sleeping tonight.

Worked out on my way back from the dentist's office... I've used that tactic on myself recently, because if I don't do it while I'm already out of the house, it won't get done.

I have household tasks to complete, like loading the dishwasher and running it, washing a load of laundry (my clothes) so I have stuff to wear in front of people when/if they come over this weekend, dusting and sweeping, and, of course, making sure my bathroom is presentable.  I think there are two things that are the most gross to see when going to someone's house: a dirty kitchen (a few dishes in the sink is okay) and a dirty bathroom.  If these two things are nice and pretty, I generally don't care about the state of the rest of the house.
But I refuse to sit on a couch next to, or on, a pile of dirty clothes.  I'll take the floor instead.

I mentioned people coming over.  There are two social events I have planned, but one is more a "possibly, maybe" thing, and the other is happening so long as peeps show up.
Oh, heck, I'll just list my weekend plans/lack of plans.

  • Friday: I took the day off, just because I could.  During the morning, and probably afternoon, there will be a combination of sleep, TV watching, and housework.  Mike's beer brewing buddy from Sprouts (formerly Sunflower) Andrew, and his girlfriend, might be coming over, ergo must clean.
  • Saturday:  Zilch planned.  When Mike gets tired of me fawning on him, I'll go read, maybe mend his pants (yes, I can get all domestic-like) and get our Blu ray shelves up in the office.
  • Sunday: Church (duh), visiting the in-law's (maybe), errands, workout, then... something.  Probably last minute cleaning.  I have a movie night planned for the cast of "Taming of the Shrew," the show for which I'm AD.  I know, I'm a glorified gopher (go-for, as in, "Go for Eegee's for me, Carol"), but I also helped cast the show, and I get to be line prompter when the actors go off book next week.
  • Monday: I have the day off, so I'll most likely be sleeping, reading, and (since no gaming, as my FB peeps know) catching up on the Blu ray's my hubby has purchased for me but I haven't watched yet.  Been too busy gaming and burning a static image into our upgraded plasma TV. *sniffle.  It's not my fault...

So there you have it, my trivial events.  But life is made up of such things, all smushed together and packed tightly, and upon these things one's self sits.  The trivial should not be underrated.

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