Monday, August 6, 2012


For the fun of it, here is a list of nicknames I've had in my lifetime - some are still in use by specific people, others have been collecting dust for years.

If I remember from where or whom it originated, I've notated it in parentheses.

  • Care Bear (only to Erin-my-Erin - junior high)
  • Linda-lou, or Linda (Juliana - high school, possibly earlier)
  • Rockstar (Rene? at Mt. Hermon Conference Center's Registrar office - Summer 2002)
  • Kitty (Mike, my hubby - circa 2005)
  • Fusa, which mutated to Moosa (Charlene - coworker)
  • The next Indiana Jones Hot German Chick, or Hot German Chick for short (Henry - coworker)
  • Actress-lady
  • Christmas (Matty - college)
  • Lady, as in, "Hey, lady."
  • Trinity (from "The Matrix," Leland being Neo and Donnell being Morpheus - high school)
  • Rhool (from "Willow", Jonathan Hall being Franjean - college)
  • Queen Amazonia (a coworker of Mike's at Bookman's - circa 2007)
  • C
  • Sephiroth (Leland - high school; very short-lived, as I didn't know the reference at the time)
  • Miss Carol (first time by Thad - college; random other persons since)
  • Red (college, but I don't remember who said it first.  Happens whenever I dye my hair)
  • Mr. Wilson (Em - former neighbor)
  • Sunshine (John "Big Daddy" - former coworker)
  • Trouble (Joe "Squirrel" - coworker)
  • Mistress (John Love - fellow thespian)
  • Batchick (because of a Batman shirt I own - high school)

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