Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Movie Moment

I had an epic movie moment on the way home from workout today.

And yes, this will reveal just how much of a sap I am.  *spoilers*

I live close to my gym.  Very close.  As in walking distance close.  So I walk to and from workout most days because, hey, it's good warm up and cool down time, I get a jump start on the writing creativity, and it's more calories burned.

So off I go at my usual time, arrive at the gym at my usual time, work out for my usual time, then head home.  As I'm totally not paying attention, walking along the side of the road, halfway between the gym and my house, a familiar sound reaches mine ears.  What could it be?

Lo, and behold, Mike pulls up on the opposite side of the street, on his motorcycle, looking all dashing with his long hair and helmet (HE WORE A HELMET!  Safety is sexy, guys.), and just waited for me.

I felt like the girl in the teen romantic movies where the cool guy drives up on his bike, wearing leather and sunglasses, all sexy-like, and just stares at her, and then she runs to him, climbs gracefully up behind him, and off they ride into the sunset.

Folks, I damn well ran to him, climbed gracefully up behind him, and we rode off into the sunset.

Well, a half mile into the sunset, at which point we reached our house.

But HECK YEAH!  I had a movie moment on my anniversary.  :) *nerd alert


  1. Wait, he's not legally required to put on a helmet every time he rides!? California is stupid.