Friday, June 15, 2012

Gothic Angel

This is a poem I found recently, again - written circa October 2010.  It was inspired by a dream or a waking dream, I can't remember which, but I'm pretty sure there was music involved.

I saw in my mind's eye
an angel and his charge
She lay on sands abandoned
he above her towered
From the moon glis'ning sand
there rose infinite hands
to pull and push and grasp
drawing her into mire
How this dark herald missed his time
or perhaps aid he withheld
but in that moment of hope and despair
his blade in her he plunged
Now I see her lay, quietly
in red dyed sand
her angel guarding what remains
of his long loved one
He killed her body
to save her soul
and with soul departed
she lay no longer desired.

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