Monday, June 11, 2012

The Importance of Learning the Importance

While I lay immobilized by the flu this weekend, I started planning and re-planning where I would put things once the home improvement projects we have going are finished.

This normally wouldn't be such an ordeal, but I have three new pieces of art I purchased from Daxiong at Phoenix Comicon this year.  Images attached at the end of the blog. (I'm so darn proud of these things.  He's an amazing artist.)

Anyway, visualizing furniture and wall decor placement, of course, rabbit trailed into thoughts of Comicon, which rabbit trailed into thoughts of Ren Faire, which rabbit trailed into thoughts of what costume pieces I need for what geek occasion, how much I know/think they are, and how much I can have saved by the time that occasion rolls around.  It also led into thoughts of whether I could afford to get another sword at Celtic Festival.

Then it hit me: when was the last time I went shoe shopping, just because?
When was the last time I tallied my allowance for book or manga purchases because I had an unfinished series?
When was the last time I splurged on jewelry because it was pretty?

I suddenly realized that as I've gotten older (yeah, I'm still in my twenties, but I can pull this one) and as life events and experience have taught me valuable insight, or forced me to cope, I actually have hobbies that are important to me, that I enjoy so much, I'm okay sacrificing other money-required things to keep them.

And that made me happy.  And a bit relieved.

It's always nice to find that external factors are demanding less of you simply because you realize they aren't that pressing anymore.

I love reading, and I love my books, but I have a local library.
I love shoes, but I have many good pairs still.  I've also gotten used to not wearing heels that much anymore.  Working from home will do that to you.
I like having pretty jewelry, but I already have pretty jewelry, stuff that actually MEANS something.

Life simpler is good.

Time to budget for Celtic Festival. :)

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  1. i would like to comment that the white text is a tad hard to read with the background. Otherwise good post. :)