Friday, September 28, 2012

Musings about the Garbage Men

I wonder about the guys who drive our garbage truck.  Are they the same guys every week?  Do they remember all the houses they've been to?  Do they go to the same houses every week?  Would they notice if a house got a paint job, or the shrubberies trimmed, or a tree cut down, or gravel replaced?  Do they comment to themselves about the level of fullness of garbage barrels?
"Looks like 123 had a party this week - check out the pizza boxes and beer bottles."
"Yeah, one would think at the rate they have parties, they'd recycle that crap."

Do they ever tell their coworkers about strange things they've seen?  "Dude, George, you should have seen the heinous mailbox at this one place!"
Or maybe, "Lucas, I gotta tell you, I see the same lady walking her dog every morning in this one neighborhood, and I swear, she carries a yellow parasol!"

Does anyone ever stand at their door step, or the end of their driveway, and wave at them as they go by?  Give them a big smile to say, "Thank you," because a shout wouldn't be heard over the truck engine?

I wonder how they'd feel if some gal in slippers and a bathrobe came trotting out of her house to the street corner carrying two paper travel cups and offered them coffee.  Or some guy lounging out front with a small bag of pastries, purposefully waiting to pass it off as they drove by.

That would probably violate some code of conduct at the garbage company, but still, it's a nice image.  Makes me want to go do something nice for someone, just because I can.

Happy Friday, y'all.

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