Monday, September 17, 2012

Dream 09/17/12

I had a dream wherein I was back at my high school, setting up for some event, and a person I know (but can't remember who) introduced me to two people I've never seen before, dream or otherwise.  They claimed to be siblings.  The sister disappeared early on, but the brother stuck around.  For reasons I don't understand, we suddenly had to try and escape, in a van, of all things, but we took a wrong turn and got caught on a bridge.  While trying to see a way out (and defend my cats, oddly), the brother said they were after him, and tried to leave, but I wouldn't let him.  I kept trying to find us, all of us, a way out.  He told me to leave him behind, but I refused.  I chose to stay.

As I recall, there was another person in the van with us, the driver, the same man I know but can't remember.  He restrained me while the brother voluntarily turned himself over to the people in the dark cars. He and the pursuers vanish, and I cried, know that somehow his memories of me would be wiped clean, and I'd never see him again.  I was so certain of it.  I even had vague memories of another place, of someone having their memories taking in that place, but it was in another dream, and I KNEW I was remembering a dream (and consequently acknowledging that I was currently dreaming), but still treating it as if it were reality, as if it actually happened, and that it was going to happen to him.

Then, I suddenly got a text on a cell phone I didn't know I had, and it had a printed record of our conversation (condensed, of course) - a printed record of me clearly refusing to escape.

I suddenly had hope that he'd remember, but all he asked was one question:
Why did you stay?

It was like a person who hadn't been there were reading an account of it and wanted clarification about my decision.

I had no answer for him.

And then I woke up.

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